I love a man who stays manly and has pride in his appearance. Taking extra time and attention to dress well. Grooming is innate in some, acquired and mastered by others. My father used to say that people would judge a man by his shoes. I guess he meant that external appearance is often what most people see and judge by. It is our business card! Here is a simple reminder.

In general, Women love kissing. Therefore, a good start for the beginners would be: no grey chapped lips, blackheads, pimples and dry scalp causing dandruff. Make sure your teeth are clean and your breath is always fresh. Put some hand cream on! Fingernails clean and short with cuticles pushed back. You can have braids, dreadlocks, an Afro, a Mohawk, long hair or a simple low cut. Make sure your hair is neatly cut or trimmed along the hairline. Ask your barber to clip any hairs poking out of your ears and nostrils. 

Beard nation all the way!!! Keep it trimmed, clean, conditioned with a soft sheen! Try to find a very light weight, natural leave in conditioner for your beard, yet packed with moisturizing ingredients. Sisters, when you run your fingers through it, it feels like heaven! Last but not least, perfumed oils like, Oud, Egyptian musk, Cologne, or fragrance applied sparingly et voilà! It is time for me to introduce a man who fits totally the description above. He is a man of God, a rapper, an entrepreneur, a proud African and from what I heard a ladies man…how could we blame him? He has that “je ne sais quoi” and knows how to use it. He simply understands the magic of grooming. His name is Lynxxx.

Lynxxx, Where are you from and why XXX?
I’m old enough to know enough, im proudly Nigerian and I am 6 ft 2 in height. Now with regards to my name, I chose the “XXX” because there is a men’s fragrance brand with the single “X” as well as the animal and overall I wanted a distinct approach to separate my brand and to make it easy to search online without a million wrong options popping up, LoL.

What was your curriculum before stardom? How did you become an artist? Who has inspired you?
Well… Lets see, before “Stardom” I was a guy focused on bringing his dreams to reality. I schooled myself on Graphic / Web Designs and ran a media company with my business partner “Ikon”. We also created a record label called “Syndik8 Records” in 2004 and opened up our 1st Digital Recording Studio called The RedRoom here in Lagos in 2008 and that was the birth of my solo career as an artist. Musically, I am influenced by the likes of Musiq Soulchild, Dwele & Floetry as I am a soul music junkie LoL. They get me into a very creative mental space.

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been in the industry professionally since 2009, so that would make it 7 years as a solo artist. I am signed to my own label and I have recently released my sophomore album called “The Album before The Album”. It is a very real and personal project for me. I give a significant piece of me on this project and bring my listeners close to my life and experiences.

Is it true you have been elected one of the hottest men of your country?Haha… Well I guess I have heard that a few times here and there but hey I’m humbled at such an opinion.

What is going on in your spiritual and personal life?
Amazing things actually. I recently gave my life to Christ and decided to live according to his word and by doing that I am living out my purpose here by really finding out who I am and what I am here to achieve. Looking back on the past, it is safe to say this has to be my best decision ever and I pray everyone gets to experience their true purpose in life someday.

What is the meaning of grooming?
To me, I’ll say it is taking care of your physical and being self aware. You could have a fresh cut, a nice outfit and still smell bad and that is a huge no, no. That being said, grooming involves a few thing, making sure your hair is decent (brushes, combed, shaved), if you have a beard, get it trimmed of combed out, make sure you dress well, smell good and finally the shoes! They gotta compliment the rest of the outfit. People don’t realize shoes make or break your appearance so you gotta get that right.

Do you consider yourself well-groomed?
I try to. I am self aware so I guess it is safe to say that in the most humble way.

Name products and secret tips to keep your sexy on?
Dove body lotion, Johnson’s baby powder and a couple favorite scents do the trick for me all day everyday.

Any hair products you can’t live without?
I’ll say my hair brush. Gotta make sure my hair is brushed before stepping out the house, that is about it.

What is your motto?
There is no point living life without a Purpose. We all need to be purpose driven to get the best out of life.

What makes you proud of being African?
The exposure to rich diverse culture. Africa is rich in culture from the way we dress, our music, food and more. I’ve been privileged to travel, see and live in different parts of the world and at the same time show others what my country has to offer. It is an amazing feeling.