Men should you go down?


When love represents a synonym of happiness, the sexual act should always be magical. You should always look forward to welcoming your partner and please her in ways that only you should be capable of. Personally, I start with mental satisfaction, it is part of the everyday seduction that I should bring. Making her laugh, making her dream, making her escape from her routine is always my goal.

But when the mental is fed, then the physical has to match. Sex has a hell of a power to make someone escape, physical attraction is like puzzle parts “thirst goes with water”. There are ways of pleasing, so I go explore and with time, experience and knowledge become assets.

When foreplays take place, you can tell by how high her body goes, what makes her weak, witness the tears of joy scrolling down her legs and how vulnerable she becomes.

The power I have to unleash her from stress, how good it makes me feel to know that I am contributing to her joy. So the reason why I go down is an unselfish testimony of the power I have to contribute to her ecstasy. Giving is caring. That is why I should go down, why I go down!

I used to talk trash about some sex ways when I was young. I wasn’t so much into pleasing my sexual partner. I was more about how long I could go so she can tell anyone she had sex for hours. It was more a statement to other guys. As a young man, I was competing without knowing, just because I wanted to be part of the elite.

Putting women first made me discover joy, satisfaction, pride and much beauty.

But then, I grew out of it by allowing myself to get closer and took the time to get to know women, then I realized and found out a lot. A lot of women were into oral sex and how much their mind was into sex and way freakier than me! Therefore, I have opened myself and took the time to find ways to please her mentally and physically.

To tell the truth, I realized the power I had. Putting women first made me discover joy, satisfaction, pride and much beauty. It was such a challenge trying to make sure I was better than John Doe. Was that a good one 🙂 why is that? I don’t know, I’m just sharing my story, a pleased woman just looks way better 🙂 Bless up !!


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