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Multicutural Education

When we meet someone, we start off by trying to form a bond with that person. We then proceed based on our commonalities that end up building the foundation of the relationship. 

The great thing about co-education is that diversity is guaranteed. Co-education represents more than just male and female: students have a range of skin colors, they embody different geographies, religions, cultures and social upbringings. Co-education was originally regarded as simply a project and although educating a child can be difficult, co-education has proven to be beneficial. Nowadays this system extends from the first day of school into higher education.

The education of a child is a daily mission to ensure that he or she has a constructive framework from which to develop. It’s also important for a child to grow individually while respecting the rules of living in a group, whether it’s with family or society as a whole.

by Daniel Baud (@PicAndDream)

Communication becomes crucial because education can be a source of cultural friction. A child may want to stray from the path you want for them but by educating a child you are also showing them the limits of freedom. We sometimes impose a sort of “prison” on ourselves in order to live in harmony with others and we undoubtedly pass this on to our descendants. This is my opinion, maybe my wife will have a completely different point of view because of the education she has received and her personal experiences. 

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We may not always agree on how to educate our children but for their sake we must try to find a concord, a set of irrevocable points in accordance with each person’s vision for education. A child is the fruit of two individuals and it’s necessary that there is a trace of both parents.

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