Black with Sugar Podcast

NYC life alone during quarantine! Anxiety, stress, panic attack 😱 !! Black with Sugar Podcast 1

Episode #1: NYC life alone during quarantine… are we going crazy? It’s coffee time! Sit back, relax and be ready to be swept off your feet. You are about to fall in love with this show! On our first episode of Black with sugar we addressed how we overcame the challenges of being single in NYC during quarantine… the loneliness, the stress, the fears, our mental health and so much more… What’s “Black with sugar” podcast about? Quarantine made us realize how poor the content offered by conventional media was. We wanted to create something meaningful, something people like us could connect with and relate to but most importantly something authentic, genuine and without any hidden agenda. Black with Sugar is a weekly interactive podcast where you are invited every Monday to share your thoughts, your voice and opinions around a cup of coffee. Because we like it strong and won’t shy away from any topic. News, politics, fashion, culture, arts, entertainment, sports, and personal stories we will cover it all. Be ready for some tough, pure and undiluted conversations. Who we are? We are not famous, models or influencers. We are just a group of young ambitious people of African descent. We didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in our mouth but that didn’t stop us. Audacious, passionate and proud we are eager to defy the odds. With Black with Sugar we aim to inspire, lift up, and embrace fully who we are. Get your coffee cause we are taking you with us in this adventure!!

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