Recipe: Exotic jar


Ingredients: (for 3 jars)

Lemon Panna cotta
• 40 (cl) Heavy Cream
• 2 Lemon Zest
• 15 (g) Lemon Juice
• 35 (g) Sugar
• 2 Gelatine Sheets

In a saucepan put heavy cream and sugar over medium heat. Next, stir well until sugar is dissolved without boiling. Then, remove from heat, add the gelatin sheets which previously soaked in cold water.

Finally, add the lemon juice and lemon zest, mix it thoroughly, pour into a jar, and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Mango Mousse
• 300 (g) Mango Puree
• 40 (g) Powdered Sugar
• 4 Gelatine Sheets (8 g)
• 250 (g) Liquid Cream

Pour the mango puree into a saucepan, add powdered sugar, and heat it. Next, drain the water once the gelatine sheets are softened. Add the hot mango puree, mix it thoroughly until the gelatine dissolves.

Then, let it cool down at room temperature. In the meantime, whisk the liquid cream. fter, the mango puree has cooled (at room temperature), pour it in a bowl.

Next, add the whipped cream and gently mix it with a silicon spatula to prevent the foam from collapsing. Finally, serve mango mousse in jars.

Coconut whipped cream
• 150 (g) Liquid Cream
• 50 (g) Coconut Milk
• 20 (g) Mascarpone
• 20 (g) Powdered Sugar

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, whip all ingredients together until the mix becomes light and fluffy. Put cream into piping bags to fill the glasses.

If using a whipping siphon, mix all ingredients in a bowl and pour into the siphon. Next, fill the gas cartridge. Then, shake well and garnish the glasses, this will allow you to have a lighter foam .

Exotic Jar


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