Your body count is the number of people you have had sex with, and that information is something that you should keep to yourself. Even in new relationships where new partners try to familiarize themselves with each other by asking questions, peering into past relationships, and trying to understand past sexual experiences; the question may arise from your [potential] boyfriend.

Tracey is a popular English author and columnist who specializes in dating, sex, and relationships. The relationship expert believes that downplaying the figure your body count when asked does not make sense. It is better to not answer the question at all, she opines. “People will judge you no matter what answer you give when asked about past lovers and the assumption they make is usually wrong.”

You could tell your doctor, gynecologist, or other medical professionals who need your sexual history for medical reasons, she adds. That seems logical enough, given that those are professionals who have signed a confidentiality oath. In reality, only your doctor or gynecologist deserves this information.

The only thing that should matter is someone’s health status. That should be everyone’s main concern. You should be asking when was the last time you got tested because health has no body count. Having a partner that had twenty partners with protected sex is way more attractive than having a sexual partner with five bodies with unprotected sex.

One thing you should let a guy know is if you’ve been with someone in his circle which I don’t recommend whatsoever. Try to avoid dating someone that has any relationship with someone that you’ve been with in the past because this can lead a man to feel intimidated or embarrassed. This is the only time your sexual past matters.

To avoid these unfair biases in society’s estimation of you, Tracy says to keep mum about your body count is best. “ I don’t care who’s doing the asking – whether it’s your partner, mother, best friend, or beauty therapist – your answer to how many lovers you’ve had is no answer.”

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