Do you ever wish Sundays had a pause button? Maybe you spend Friday and Saturday having a grand old time, but when Sunday comes along, you feel rushed to prepare for the week. Or maybe you spend way too long tucked under the covers in the morning and feel like you’ve wasted the whole day. By the time Monday comes around, you’re in panic mode because you’re totally unprepared for the rest of the week. Here’s a guide to help you out;

Review your calendar for the week. There’s nothing worse than forgetting about a meeting and showing up unprepared, so take a quick peek at what’s coming up this week.

Schedule tasks and projects throughout the week. Make sure they’re spread out and manageable, instead of added in at the last minute.

Get Your Laundry Done. The last thing you need come Wednesday is a shortage of clean shirts, a lack of underwear, or an insufficient amount of socks. So gather up all your clothes, and have yourself a laundry day. You’ll be so glad you did.

Do A Big Grocery Shop. If you’re constantly coming home to an empty fridge, then get in the habit of stocking up on Sundays. “Grocery shopping on Sunday … will not only help you eat healthier, but it’ll also free you up from having to run back to the store every other day.

Clean Out Your Bag. I don’t know how it happens, but by the end of the week, my bag is jingling with loose change, and overflowing with crumpled up receipts. Does that sound familiar? Then spend a few minutes on Sunday cleaning out your purse or bag. You’ll feel much lighter, and more organized.

Plan Outfits For The Week. You’re going to be groggy on Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday…) morning, so plan for it by pairing up outfits before the week begins. As Collings said, “The best outfits are born when you’re not feeling stressed by a mountain of emails in the morning or hurrying to make an 8 a.m. meeting.” As a chronic last-minute outfit maker, I totally agree.

Spruce Up Your Apartment. Get ready for Monday with a clean, sparkly apartment. Or at least one that isn’t overflowing with clutter and dirty dishes. Take out the trash, load the dishwasher, make your bed — it’ll give a whole different feeling to the start of your week. On Monday morning you will be so pleased with yourself.

Remember To Relax. I know, this is quite the list of chopping, cleaning, cooking, and shopping. Do what you can to prepare for the week, but don’t spend your entire Sunday running around and exhausting yourself. Set aside time to relax, as that’s also an incredibly important way to spend the last day of your weekend.

Even if you just do one or two of these things, you’ll be setting yourself up for a much easier, and more organized week.