Get to know us ! Keziah and Nadia open up! šŸ’Æ Black with Sugar Podcast 7 (Part 1/2)


Episode 7 of the Black with Sugar Podcast is of a different kind and is designed to follow up on the feedback the girls received from their audience. āž”ļø They decided to address the recurring questions that appeared in the comment section. A lot of people reached out wanting to know more about them and their personal lives. Therefore, Episode 7 is all about them, entitled “Get to know us” where the ladies answer personal questions about their lives, experiences and opinions. āž”ļø This Episode of Black with Sugar is funny and entertaining, You will get to discover Keziah and Nadia’s personalities, senses of humor, and wit. Sit back, relax and be ready to be swept off your feet. You are about to fall in love with this show! Ā  šŸ’¬ Now that you got to know Keziah and Nadia, tell us a bit more about yourself in the comments below!


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